CAN YOU NOT? Home Renovation Nightmares And Birthday Gifts!

CAN YOU NOT? Home Renovation Nightmares and Birthday Gifts! We are in the home stretch on the renovation of the first floor, but now things are starting to get frustrating. This week Mommy and Daddy actually got angry and that rarely happens! Gracie got some eary Birthday presents and Daddy and Uncle Michael fixed Uncle Buddy’s glasses at the lake!

Mommy and Gracie (and sometimes Daddy) are The Doll Hunters. They will go anywhere to find Monster High Dolls! They also collect My Little Pony, Ever After High, anything Disney, especially Frozen, American Girl, Barbie, Minecraft, Littlest Pet Shop, Shopkins, FUNKO, and all kinds of blind bags and mystery minis. Their doll and toy reviews are family friendly and kid friendly, but fun and always filled with laughs. They are a very close family who are often silly, always funny and kids and adults both can relate to them!

The Doll Hunters Playlist:

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Monster High:

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Home Improvement Farewell

Bye Home Improvement

Home Improvement ”Bloopers Season 8”

Some bloopers from the eight season.

Home Improvement ”Bloopers Season 3”

Some bloopers from the third season.

Home Improvement Tip – Prevent Water In Basement With Proper Graded Ground Slope

Prevent water from entering into the basement or crawl space by making sure the ground slopes away from your home. Examine the foundation walls for low spots or holes and then fill in those areas with dirt. Check the ground slope with a level to confirm it is higher near the foundation, as to avoid water from pooling up and entering your home. Dale Gruber’s Home Check Plus is a full service remodeler in St. Cloud, MN.

DIY Escape Room: Can They Build Their Way Out?

Lowe’s has taken a vacant warehouse and created an epic escape room full of puzzles and challenges specifically designed to test the skills of trade professionals, creators and problem solvers.

Moe, an electrician, and Wes, a home remodeler will be joined by two of our favorite YouTubers and creators, Grant Thompson from the channel, ‘The King of Random’ and Bob Clagett from ‘I like to Make Stuff.’

They will need to rely on their teamwork, creative problem solving, and skills to solve the puzzles and escape the Lowe’s Black Friday DIY Escape Room.

See the behind the scenes video:

This is a Lowe’s original production.

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This DIY Escape Room video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home without consulting licensed professionals. Lowe’s assumes no responsibility for accuracy or omission of information and disclaims any liability related to the video.

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Modular Home From Start To Finish

One of our modular homes, is a ranch style home, manufactured by Skyline in Woodland, California.

per square foot (excludes all onsite costs/construction costs)call 209-744-0400 for more details.

The video shows all phases of the building process – at the factory and on site. Meet our customer and join us at the final walk-through.

Modular and Manufactured Green Homes for California.

13631 Montfort Rd.
Herald, CA 95638
Phone: 209-744-0400


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Home Improvement Season 4 Episode 19 The Naked Truth Cool Man

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Cute Home Improvements | Ep. 10 | Minecraft One Life

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Welcome to a new series to my channel! One Life is a modded multiplayer survival server with Ultra Hardcore mode. I’m joining the series for this season which is Season 2!
I join 11 other awesome Minecrafters trying to survive the InsaneVanilla++ Modpack. However, in this series we only get ONE LIFE!

In this episode I get a lot of stuff done! I finally craft an advanced diamond sword and cute backpack. I also make some cute changes to my house to impress visitors!

Check out the other players:
Yammy –
Scott –
Britt –
Joel –
Joey –
Kyle –
Mariel –
Meghan –
Seapeekay –
Shubble –

Snapchat: LDSnapLady